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I bought this book last week to read a few Christmas stories.

Chrysa desires to prove herself in the business world, and to prove she’s the right person to take over for her father’s restaurant. Her father and parents are old school Greek though, and she’s a woman. They are pressuring her to marry and give them grandchildren.

Zane is half Greek and he too gets pressured from his family, namely his Grandfather. Overhearing Chrysa and her mother at a restaurant, he launches a plan. Joining the conversation, he drops the ball he’s her boyfriend.

Chrysa is about to correct the lies when her mother’s attack on her lack of suitors kicks in. Instead of confronting her mother, she’s agreeing to his mad cap lie that they are in fact dating. She’s even willing to meet his grandfather.

This short story would have been better if it had been longer, but really kicked me into the season. Aleka’s tale of love growing in unexpected places was refreshing and honest. I’ll probably pull this Christmas tale out once more to read before the season ends.

Five out of Five Stars!