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CHRISTMAS BABIES is a heartwarming holiday story, set in South Florida.

Dedicated to her patients, the serious Dr. Madelyn Ramsay never had time for fun. An unexpected health problem jolts her into the realization that there’s more to life than just work. She longs to surrender to the magic of Christmas.

But can she handle the charming and secretive Dr. Nick Preston who hides his own package of disillusions? Can she allow two newborn twins to worm their way into her heart?



Sitting on a stool at the bar, Nick finished his third scotch, moved his glass away, and motioned to the barman for a refill. For the past hour, he’d chatted, joked, toasted, and reveled in Madelyn’s promise to attend his little celebration. His gaze never wavered from the mirror reflecting the entrance door and the huge Christmas tree in the corner.

Eight-thirty and she wasn’t here yet. He should have known that Dr. Ramsay would never give him the time of the day. Even more so now that he’d stolen the position she wanted. He stirred the ice in his glass and exhaled. She stood him up again. So what was new?

Why couldn’t he get her out of his mind once and for all? Disgusted with himself for allowing her to get under his skin, he raised his glass to gulp his drink. His hand froze midway and he stared at the image in the mirror.

Madelyn? No way on earth. His jaw sagged. He blinked several times and spun toward the door. His eyes rounded. And then he smiled at the incredible picture of Dr. Ramsay in a skin-tight, little white thing that hugged her figure the way he’d love to hug her. Bolting from his stool, he navigated his way toward the exquisite woman standing at the door, scanning the crowd.

“Madelyn, thank…thank you for coming.” He swallowed and hesitated as he reached her. His gaze caressed the creamy expanse of flesh exposed by her strapless mini-dress. Would she jump back if he tried to hug her?

She came forward, a bright smile on her face, and wrapped her arms around him. “Congratulations again, Nick. I’m so happy for you,” she said against his ear. Her perfume sensitized every nerve ending in his body.

His instincts on alert after his first shock, he pressed her against him for a few seconds, and released her right away. This new Madelyn didn’t seem real.



Mona’s a fun read for me and this one tugs on the heartstrings.

Madelyn is a strong independent doctor with a good family. She’s full of pride, but she’s brought down to size with seizures and an unfixable medical condition. She has to learn to trust other doctors and medication, which is hard for her.

Nick is her new boss. They worked together previously before he earned the promotion over her. He’s had a crush on her forever, but she seems him as a playboy. Nick delivers two innocent twin babies, where the teen mother dies and teen father wants nothing to do with the babies.

Madelyn is reevaluating life, and gets a Christmas gift with love and a family. All in all, good story and I’m glad I read this. Will buy another of Mona Risk’s books in the future!