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A rollicking, turn-of-the-century romantic adventure. Follow well-bred, plucky, wannabe reporter, Elizabeth, and daring veteran crime-writer, Max, from the back alleys of Manhattan to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. “Far and Away meets Romancing the Stone” old west style, as Max, Elizabeth, and a party of five odd characters pursue their quest for silver and the lost Fair Day Mine through ghost towns and abandoned mountain caves. Danger lurks at every turn from thieves, thugs, and harsh conditions where one false step could mean death. But Max and Elizabeth persist, both for the story and the glittering treasure, until they realize that the true treasure they’ve found has nothing to do with silver.

“You’ll laugh, sigh and jump for joy. Pure sterling.”
…best-selling author, Judith Ivory


The heroine, Elizabeth, intends to be a news reporter back in 1890s America, though she’s stuck writing about society. Upon meeting Max, the reporter detective, things change fast. Max is not the most honest guy around and Elizabeth is in his face. Max and Elizabeth are thrown together in competition for a story about her brother’s tale of prospecting. With gangsters on their heels, they continue to stick together.  I love action adventure romance though, and I’d recommend this book.