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The Call

A down-on-his-luck
mythology geek is tapped by
a higher power to silence a demonic sound that is lethal
to his guardian angel and
every angel in-world.

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Disillusioned. Dumped. Unemployed.

Sam Wilson, a down-on-his-luck mythology geek and self-proclaimed loser spots an attractive woman poised to jump from the Golden Gate Bridge. Sam knows he must try to save her. But when the woman morphs into a shrieking demon and throws him from the bridge, Sam accepts his life is over.

Deep in frigid waters, Sam undergoes a near-death experience. He sees a vision of a transformed world, but one only possible with his help. In exchange for his life, Sam accepts the challenge.

Rescued by his own unusual guardian angel, Sam finds himself pulled into a dangerous quest: A demonic sound lethal only to angels must be silenced so that exiled angels may return to San Francisco or every angel, the city and ultimately, mankind will die.

Victoria‘s Review:

Kathleen Pickering is one of my favorite new HQN authors and I’m so excited to read her super romances. But she also has her Kat Covelle book about a Mythology teacher named Sam in San Franscisco. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for Mythology. I had to buy this book, and I bought from her personally at the Heather Graham‘s Writers for New Orleans conference. Upon coming home, I must say Sam has an interesting life. The world has gone crazy. His girlfriend dumped him because she became a lesbian. Sam’s students are shooting each other because of the mythological happenings and oh yeah, a hydra falls on his car… clearly Sam is not having a good day.

Then the story morphs into this Matrix like questioning and Sam is figuring out the new world order, and what’s going on. And I enjoyed the addition of Rosemary… cute, but I’m a sucker for romance. Anyhow back to the story and defeating the power of Lucifer.

Kat does a great job with her imaginative spirit. Sam’s interesting. I’d recommend this book.

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