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Destiny’s Shift (Six Savior Series #4)

by Carly Fall

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Published by Westward Publishing

Released on December 13, 2012

Heat Level: Steamy

Word Count: 72,000


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One hundred and fifty years ago, Warrior Jovan of the Six Saviors realized he had a gift: the ability to feel emotions through touch. Over the years, the gift has intensified allowing him to hear others thoughts, and this uncontrolled skill has forced him to keep his distance from both humans and those of his race. He fears the impact on his sanity if he doesn’t.

Liberty, an SR44 female has come to Earth by a set of circumstances beyond her control. Born into a life of servitude on SR44, she is alone, afraid, and stumbling her way through learning the customs and language of her new home on Earth. When Jovan meets Liberty, it becomes clear that they are of the same species, and Jovan takes Liberty under his wing, despite his commitment to himself to limit interaction with others.

As Liberty reveals the reasons for her coming to Earth, it becomes apparent that the Six Saviors are in danger, not only from the FBI, but also from those who have journeyed to Earth with Liberty, and they are seeking revenge. Jovan must quickly learn to control his gift, and Liberty is the only one who can help him. As they deal with danger from all sides, Jovan and Liberty must find a way to compromise on the lives they desire, or they will be forced to go their separate ways.


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Liberty sat on the floor next to Jovan. After she heard the loud thump of his body hitting the ground, she hadn’t been able to open her eyes until the wave of emotion had gone through the room.

It had been quite strong.

When it passed, she opened her eyes and saw the others tending to Jovan. His body began to convulse as they tried to help him, and she quickly figured out what was going on. Every hand that rested on him was transferring their emotions to him, and his convulsions became worse when they touched him. Although she was only a guest and born into servitude, she found the strength within herself to ask everyone to take their leave of the room. Remembering what Jovan had said about all of them being equals here, she had been able to find her voice to speak.

There were a couple of arguments, especially from the Warriors, but when she explained what was happening, the females took charge and got everyone out of the room.

Jovan’s body had eventually quieted, and now she waited for him to awake.

As she studied his face, she wondered why he had never learned to control his gift.

It was estimated that only ten percent of beings from SR44 were born with the gift. However, sometimes it didn’t make itself known until later in life. Perhaps he hadn’t received proper training in controlling the gift because it flourished later in life, after he came to Earth.

That had to be it. She couldn’t imagine the officers of the highest ranks of military allowing a soldier to serve with an uncontrolled gift. It would become a weakness, an Achilles heel for the Warrior.

She felt very protective of the male Jovan, especially when he looked so vulnerable. He had given her help when she needed it, and provided her with shelter and fabrics to cover her body. He had nourished her with that delicious meal of macaroni and cheese. Jovan had also been kind to her, and she decided that she would teach him how to control his gift. She couldn’t imagine the . . . horror . . . of being able to feel others’ emotions and not have any way to regulate it.

He groaned, and she let her fingers run through his blond hair. It was soft and slid through her fingers with ease. Closing her eyes, she made sure that her own emotions wouldn’t bleed into him causing him more distress.

Reaching for her hand, he clasped it in his own, and she watched as her small fingers were swallowed up. She checked his face and noted that he seemed to still be unconscious.

“I can’t feel you,” he whispered, drawing closer to her. After a moment, his head was in her lap, and his arms encircled her waist. He seemed to be holding on to her for dear life.

“I can’t feel you,” he whispered again.

She didn’t answer, just allowed him to hold her, her fingers moving methodically through his hair.


About the Author

Carly Fall lives in Arizona and is a wife, a mother and a slave to the dog, Nicky.  She loves to laugh and thinks chocolate and wine should be considered their own food group. She also wishes Christmas happened twice a year.  She is always doing special giveaways and contests for her newsletter followers, so make sure to sign up at http://www.carlyfall.com/enter-to-win-2/.  She loves hearing from readers, so please send her an email at carlyfall@gmail.com or connect with her at:

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