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Kingsley Woods would be a great place to live…if only the dead would stay dead.

Jaycee Warren really doesn’t want to return to the Berkshires, a place she fled years ago in the wake of the worst humiliation of her life. But her husband’s new job leaves her no choice. Once she arrives, she loves the house in the new, gated community of Kingsley Woods, but from the first day, she feels a strange unease. Pontoosuc Lake and The Grove are familiar from her childhood, but they’re different now—threatening. As is the wolf Jaycee sees through the brush that seems to carry with it something ominous.

The evil presence grows stronger as one strange event after another plagues the quiet community. Everyone can see the wolf, but no one’s sure if he’s real. Who is he, and what does he want? And why does one woman in Kingsley Woods appear to hold the key to the past…for everyone?


Kingsley Woods is a terrific read that lingers after the book is done. Ms. Afman has created memorable characters and a legend to rival any small town ghost story

KINGSLEY WOODS Author Guest Post:  

My fourth published novel is sited in Pittsfield, in a fictional enclave overlooking Pontoosuc Lake.   

I grew up in Pittsfield, and have many lovely memories of my childhood there. I also worked at England Brothers as a copywriter and artist for a number of years. 

Joan Conning Afman, who grew up in Pittsfield during the forties and fifties has published her fourth novel, using theBerkshires as its location.  Many familiar names and locations are mentioned:  Pontoosuc Lake, the old Pontoosuc School on upper North Street, Springside House, St. Joseph’s Church and cemetary, England Brothers department store, and more.

The author has taken liberties with the geography around Pontoosuc Lake, which is where the new, gated enclave called “Kingsley Woods” is located. Jaycee Warren, main character of the story, is forced, because of her husband’s job, to return to the city she loved–and fled from after the most humiliating time of her life.  As she struggles to fit into the life of the city again, the past comes ’round again, with painful memories, and hurts to forgive.  But, mainly, it is paranormal mystery, peopled with interesting characters, including a pair of CIA agents  who engage in ‘remote viewing‘ for their information, and there is even a character based on the Pittsfield legent. Oh! Be Joyful.

“KingsleyWoods” is available from Etopia Publishing,Amazon.com and B&N Nook.  The author expects it will be available in print within a few months.

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