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Christina Clay only wants the best when it comes to her family’s iconic Australian wine company, and Tate Newell has the best marketing brain in the business. But there are some people in the world Tate doesn’t want to work for and Clay Wines’ eccentric chief executive is high on his list. Christina collects causes like some women collect shoes, and every time she opens her mouth, he’s reminded of the one person he wants to forget.

Sometimes, to get a woman out of your head, you have to let her in.

Before Christina can say Crocodile Dundee, she’s in a two-seater plane flying into the heart of central Australia to visit Tate’s childhood roots: the remote cattle station his family still own and run. It’s a ‘research project’ he says, to see just how ‘wild’ she wants her new wine brand to be.

Battling the demons of a previous miscarriage, Christina soon has a project of her own in mind when it comes to Tate, and less than a day into her outback research trip, her ovaries are ticking. She wants a baby and a brand. And in Tate, she’s found the one man who can give her both.


I was provided a free copy of “His Brand of Beautiful’ from the author and her publisher, but the review is my own. I am so happy I said yes to this one. I’ve learned  in saying yes that Harlequin has a digital line for Aussie’s. I didn’t know and how awesome. Before I picked up the book, I was already imagining what I would read. I love the Australian setting as a reader. Authentic romances set there just have this different than American or the English tones in them. And boy did His Brand of Beautiful hit home for me.

The set up: Christina is throwing a hen party for her best friend. (Hen party=bachelorette party). Tate comes to the door for a business meeting. She thinks he’s the male stripper. He’s offended at her business skills, but gives in and pretends to be one.  He’s intended to show up at her house and refuse to help her wine business. He doesn’t see a profit line and he doesn’t like working with do gooders. Business gets mixed with pleasure, and she’s just the woman he needs in his life.

I’m so excited to have read this book. Five Stars all the way! Hollywood Aussies are hot and this romance kick butt. Lily Malone is going on my ‘read her stuff pile.’ And read this blog… I’ve never said that before.


Lily Malone is a journalist and freelance writer who discovered, after years of writing facts for a living, that writing romance is much more fun. She wrote His Brand of Beautiful after the birth of her second son, taking inspiration from the once-in-a-century-floods that filled Lake Eyre in outback South Australia in the summer of 2010-11. Lily juggles writing with the needs of a young family, and when she isn’t writing, she likes gardening, walking, wine, and walking in gardens (sometimes with wine).